Payment Policy & "No Refund" Law
Readers & Writers Book Club works to provide its members with exclusive information that cannot be obtained any other way. 

To protect the integrity of this information and its members from potential abuse, Readers & Writers Book Club operates under a strict "No Refunds" policy on membership subscription products. 

This policy is entirely legal according to law, as we are stating it clearly here on our website. Readers & Writers Book Club may, in certain circumstances in accord with its paying members, extend credit for subscriptions, but there is no policy under which a paying member may obtain the return of funds paid.


Income Generation Disclosure

Readers & Writers Book Club generates its income from promoting its authors to its readers. 

We provide articles, stories, poems, and other written for our email newsletter subscribers and paying members. This content helps readers get familiar with authors and encourage them to purchase books published by our authors.

In the event an author wants to join, they need to contact Publication Consultants about joining Author Masterminds. See the website here:  That is the only way an author is accepted to be promoted to Readers and Writers Book Club members.

Readers & Writers Book Club
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3 Things About Us
  •  Readers and Writers Book Club is sponsored by Publication Consultants' Author Masterminds.
  •  We consider every reader a friend and every author is approachable.
  •  Authors share some of their best writing EXCLUSIVELY with club members. Join now!
What's Inside...
  • Exclusive Content - Our authors publish exclusively to our community the kinds of things you'll LOVE but can't get anywhere else!
  • Access to Approach Authors - We believe in making every author approachable, and members are given the means to engage with them directly.
  • Community - It's not just anywhere you can make friends with folks who loving reading and writing like we do. Join our tribe!
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